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Administrator Console

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Job Board Software

Account Home

The main administrator module. All aspects of the job site are all conveniently controlled from the password protected administrator module. From here the administrator can manage users, setup e-Commerce, send out mass emails, control global configurations and much more.
Custom Job Board

General Configuration

Administrator controls the general configuration of the job site, such as the job site URL, outgoing email server, SSL enabling, automated/live email addresses, job and resume expirations and more.
Job Board Design

Job Management

Through the administrator console, you have full control of the job site content, including full management of job postings with the ability to add/edit/delete jobs.
User Editing

User Management

Administrator has full management over job seekers and employers. Administrator can search or browse for users and easily view/add/edit/delete users to the job site. Administrator can update any user profile at anytime, including giving different job site access levels to different employers.

Location Management

Location Management

Using locations management selections, the job site administrator can select which locations dynamically appears for selection for job postings and job searches. Similarly, administrator can manage job seeker and employer locations that appear on their respective registration forms. This allows for maximum flexibility to target specific locations for each group.
Broadcast Emails

Broadcast Email

Using the built-in broadcast email feature in Jobbex, administrator can send out mass emails to job seekers or employers that have opt-in to the mailing list. Job seekers and employers can easily opt-in or opt-out of mailings by updating their respective account profile